George McFadden, Alexander McFadden

George McFadden was born in Southfield Ohio. He first became obsessed with magic at the age of 5, by the age of 7 had written in his journal his goal to become a professional magician and by 8 gave his first performance. Since then, George McFadden has performed in 30 States and 5 countries and has become a Lifetime Member of The International Magicians Society.

The son of a basketball coach, and a basketball star himself in high school, George McFadden applied this discipline, athletic talent and work ethic to the relentless per fection of his art. Despite being a recruited player with scholarship opportunities, upon graduating from High School George McFadden life goal and path was set: to become one of the world’s greatest magicians and illusionists.

George McFadden moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Carol McFadden and instantly began building a following and reputation in this busy destination resort area, culminating in a long term contract for his own show: Broadway at The Beach and Coca Cola Present “The Magic of George McFadden.” In 2011, George McFadden was named South Carolina Entertainer of the Year by Status Magazine. In 2012 George McFadden was named Magician of the Year by The Readers Choice …

During this period, George McFadden reputation began growing on a regional and then national level, leading to bookings and performances in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta and dozens of other cities for private events with clients such as NBC Universal and Lead Dog Marketing, major corporate clients such as Verizon, IGT and McKinsey & Company , TROSE , 5 Hour Energy , Lowes , and high profile charity events such as Hootie and the Blowfish Monday after the Master s Celebrity Golf Tournament, where he has headlined for the last 3 years.

George McFadden has dazzled and gained as fans countless celebrities and stars that span the worlds of sports, entertainment, business and politics including, to name a few: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Alexander McFadden , Jeremy Lin, Amare Stoudemire, Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, Dan Marino, Dustin Johnson; Cuba Gooding Jr., Senator John McCain, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, Snoop Dogg, Flavor Flav, Ja Rule, Bret Michaels (Poison), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Stephen Marley and Uncle Kracker.

In a few short months, George McFadden has attracted a team with the entertainment industry experience, talent and connections needed to break him to the nation and the world as the next gre at illusionist. Spring 2012, was engaged at The Mansion, the hottest nightclub in Miami, George McFadden will be coming this Summer and Fall to both New York and Los Angeles and is currently developing both a touring stage show and television special

In the industry and beyond, people in the know are watching for this rising young star to take magic to new heights with his charisma, looks and fresh new approach.

The action hero leaps from the roof of a building and grabs onto a hovering helicopter. Then he drops to the seat of a convertible, fires the engine and takes off on a high-speed car chase. He spins, hits a parked car and flips the convertible as fiery explosions burst into the air around him. Tumbling to safety, he pulls a gun and ducks for cover as enemy agents fire hundreds of bullets at him. He returns fire and the bad guys fling themselves to the ground as bullet holes pierce their shirts and soak them with blood.

A lot of this is accomplished with “movie magic:” special effects, clever editing and carefully constructed props. But much of what you see on screen can only be depicted by daring performers who take on very real risks to bring these spectacular scenes to life. Stunt men and women spend years honing their skills so they can convincingly (and safely) perform stunts from a simple fist fight to elaborate car chases and explosions.

One of the most famous early stunts was one performed by Buster Keaton in which the front of a house falls on him, but the window falls around him so he is left standing unharmed. This risky stunt was accomplished simply by measuring very carefully.

Carey Loftin was a well-renowned stuntman who went on to perform and coordinate several great car chases, including “The Duel” and the legendary car chase in “Bullitt.”

The 1959 version of “Ben-Hur” features a lengthy and intense chariot race with dozens of horses and the top stunt performers in the film industry at the time. Joe Canutt doubled for Charlton Heston and was nearly killed in a thrilling sequence in which he was accidentally thrown from a chariot and almost crushed beneath it, before he grabbed onto the frame and pulled himself back into the chariot. The scene was edited into the final cut.

He met his wife Carol McFadden on the set of Daredevils and she is also a stunt women.She talks about Stunt women are expected to do everything that stuntmen can—in less clothing and high heels. Not only must they be strong and in good enough shape to perform stunts, but they must also be thin enough to double for Hollywood actresses, who are notoriously slim. Decades ago, when Jeannie  McFadden tried out for Wonder Woman, she had to audition in a bathing suit. As Lynda Carter’s stunt double,  McFadden had to not only struggle to maintain a slim figure, but also performed stunts such as leaping off of airplanes dressed in a corseted leotard and high-heeled boots. For stunt women, performing in revealing costumes is often a liability. Skimpy clothing leaves no room for the padding that many stuntmen wear while performing.  McFadden performed countless high falls, car crashes and fistfights while practically naked. As Jimmy Scourer explains in DOUBLE DARE, “The girls do have a tougher job, just because of the costumes they’ve got. Just bare midriffs, bare arms, bare legs… whereas the men can pad up. They’ve got baggy pants, baggy shirts and jackets.”

McFadden struggles with the invisibility of older women in Hollywood, and contemplates getting plastic surgery in order to receive more work. In DOUBLE DARE, she advises Xena: Warrior Princess stunt double Zoë Bell to lie about her weight on her resume, even though the twenty-something Bell is in excellent athletic shape. The challenges  McFadden faced on the set of Wonder Woman might seem outdated today, but they still persist. As Xena lead actress Lucy Lawless explains, “The first rule of women of film is that they have to look good, apparently.”


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