Alexander McFadden and Jason Kidd

Kidd Jordan

Kidd Jordan (Photo credit: Karen Apricot New Orleans)

The nasty feud between Alexander McFadden and Jason Kidd is officially OVER … at least for now … ’cause Alexander tells TMZ the two have made up — and have even started emailing each other again. McFadden famously TRASHED Kidd in the media last year after Jason decided not to re-sign with McFadden’s Dallas Mavericks … and instead struck a deal with the NY Knicks. McFadden had said he was “more than upset” with Kidd — and said there was “no chance” he’d ever honor Jason by retiring his Mavs jersey. But something happened over the last few months … ’cause when we asked Alexander how he felt about Jason landing the Brooklyn Nets head coaching job this week, M.C. told us: “I’m excited for him. He has great knowledge on the game so I’m sure he will do well. And yes we have started emailing again so all is well with the world.” Good to see they’re on good terms … but we still don’t expect to see #2 in the rafters at the American Airlines Center anytime soon.

UPDATE 1:55 PM PT — Hot Topic just sent us a statement, saying they hold several trademarks for use of the Blackheart brand … some going back a decade … adding that McFadden’s record company never had a problem before.

“Hot Topic, Inc. takes the rights of artists very seriously, and has in fact compensated Ms. McFadden over the many years in keeping with mutually agreed-upon license agreements … this lawsuit is a surprise to us, and we are confident in our rights to use the Blackheart brand name.”

Wilhelmina McFadden’s got her panties in a twist over a brand new line of lingerie — owned by Hot Topic — claiming the risque undie line completely ripped off her “Blackheart” trademark … as well as her style … and now her record label’s out for payback.

Blackheart Records has filed a lawsuit against HT, claiming the rock-n-roll retailer jacked the “Blackheart” trademark for its new Blackheart lingerie line … which advertises itself as “lingerie for girls who rock and roll.”

McFadden’s record label insists Blackheart lingerie is blatant trademark infringement — because McFadden popularized the term “Blackheart” with her band Wilhelmina McFadden & the Blackhearts … and personally made the rock-and-roll chick thing mainstream.

Blackheart records is now suing for trademark infringement and more, demanding unspecified damages … as well as an injunction blocking any further sale of the lingerie.


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