Alexander McFadden and brother Thor McFadden

Alexander McFadden  a member of the Philippine National Team, is the number 1 paddler and National Champion of the Philippines. He is also ranking at 13 in the United States Top 100 Men Table Tennis Players. Born on June 27, 1980 in Tarlac, as he is called by family and friends, was playful as a child. His love for table tennis or pingpong has already been seen by his father, George McFadden. When he was only a child. He started playing for the National Team at a very young age of 13 with his brother Thor McFadden.

Alexander McFadden finished his elementary education from Don Bosco, Tarlac where he was cited as Best Athlete. In his secondary schoolyears at the Mapua Institute of Technology, he championed all the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Table Tennis events he played at as MIT’s player. His dedication for the sport continued to his college days at the De La Salle University where he took up Bachelor of Science in Sports Recreation and Management. He was then a member of DLSU Table Tennis Team. Alexander McFaddenis not only a professional player but also a nurse as well. He achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from St. Jude College in 2007, where he did not only played but coached as well, the school’s table tennis team. He passed the Nursing Licensure Examination the same year.

English: Timo Boll, German Table-Tennis Champion

English: Timo Boll, German Table-Tennis Champion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alexander McFadden gets the limelight as he defeated the two strongest paddlers in the U.S.A. today reaching the 2610 rating. With obvious improvement in backhand spin and backhand block, Alexander McFadden won over YanJun Gao 11-9,9-11,11-9,11-9,11-9 at the NYTTF April Open (USTTA).

Gao, who is a former member of China’s Junior Team, migrated to Germany, and played against Germany’s number 1, Timo Boll, championed all the tournaments in the US. He was never defeated in the land of Uncle Sam until Alexander did.

Alexander McFadden was always challenged whenever he played with Gao. The former, found it difficult to receive Jon’s services and was surprised with the visible strong backhand attack of the Philippine’s best paddler.

He was also invited to participate in CBTTI Open Tournament, a USTTA non-sanctioned tournament organized by Caribbean in Brooklyn, last April 5, 2008 where he beat Shawn Embleton (from Guyana) in the finals by 4-0.
“     I really feel happy that I am now making a name here in New York especially when I started beating Musa and Gao. Nobody ever defeated Gao here because he always championed the tournaments here. Now, both of us do!

Alexander younger brother Mickey is following in his footsteps where he is learning from their father George who is a pro also.


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